Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The History of Brad Blanks

There is one word that describes this mans career...Inspirational. Either that, or really, REALLY lucky!

The legend has it that this young man, then around his mid 20's, walked into PLJ studios while on vacation, and asked for a job. He had no experience in radio, TV, or the media, but the boys liked his attitude and boom, he was covering the Australian Olympics for them next year. Low and behold, little did they know that they just embarked on the biggest experiment in radio history.

Below is a two hour project covering the long ten year history of Bradley P Blanks. From the Kentucky Derby, too the first Man on the Street Reports, and the big, ever popular Elmo Marathon. Follow brad as he goes from an inexperience single guy, to a well versed, married man and father of one. This, is the History of Brad Blanks...

The History of Brad Blanks from Packing Protons on Vimeo.

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