Friday, August 6, 2010

The Scott and Todd Charity Golf Classic

Wow, what a day! Left for the course around 10, actually arrived relatively on time, and only got confused at the end of the car trip.....If you pass the over hanging bridge, you know you've gone past oak street!

first order of business was to film the Longest Drive guy Mat...he was doing a few neat trick shots for a good sized crowd of early bird golfers, and there on behalf of The Blythdale Childrens Hospital....Not bad for a guy who can hit a golf ball a whopping 200+ mph, faster than most guys do on Pro TV Tournaments, including Tiger woods!

After this demonstration, Scott Shannon was supposed to make his customary speech, but one thing got in the way. Monk, Harry, Coop and Scott all got lost. So, Todd did the honor for him, and off the tournament went! TP's group was the first one to be filmed, with a much improved Harry Kapsalis, and Monkey Boy. for a Beginner, Jonathon Cooper didn't do too badly, except for the fact that he thought the putter was a claw to retrieve the golf ball from the hole! Shannon's group was next...and apart from Nolan's group, probably has the most well rounded golfers there. Pretty much all the balls I saw where hit first time. I had to follow Scott around for a few holes, in the hopes we could find a good spot for the customary intro. .. with no luck, it was off to find either Race, Evans, or Nolan. Nolan was found next.

Nolan's group could be qualified as Three Stooges lite. The infamous Bob from Cancune didn't seem to be all that bad a golfer, either... Just don't stand next to any tree's when Nolan swings! At this point, I decided to have my try at golf itself, and took out my 4 clubs, joining Todd's group. If they where slow before, they where even slower with me around....I whiffed 4 times, almost let the golf club go on another, but did manage to play two holes, and have two good shots....unfortunately, both went in the wrong direction of the whole...

Next up was Wrong Way Bill Evans, who seems to have just as much confusion with the carts as I do! His group consisted of mostly ringers, including one Suzy and Mr.Lichter. Mr.Evans himself is a rather qualified golfer in his own right! After a bit of technical difficulties trying to film his introduction, it was off to find the last remaining person, Race. Race proved elusive....either I didn't notice him in the groups I passed, or I turned left at a fork and he was right! Either way, Race eluded the camera's this time around!


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