Saturday, September 11, 2010

PLJ summer blast Off

For the past 13 years, Scott and Todd have been kicking off the summer in style, with live, free concerts at the Jenkinsons Pavillion in Point Pleasant NJ. Having been going since the first event, the crowds have been staying longer and getting bigger year after year, and now it's become a tradition to wait outside as early as 7PM the night before in order to get a good 'standing spot' in the mosh pit near the band..

Having worked with these guys for the past four years, that is only the half of it. The night before, is a huge party with everyone from the big show, a few listeners, and loads of PLJ clients enjoying a night of free food, drinks, and music at the White Sands Hotel. Not being much of a social talker at events like this, I just enjoy the ambience and talk to whoever wants to chatter, but you haven't lived until you see Joe Nolan entertain the entourage at his table..People line up all night to get the chance to talk to the man...it really is quite a sight.

With the party over, it's time to get the show on the road! For the past ten years, I used to get up at 2AM and go wait in line. At this point in the night, you can usually get up pretty close near the giant clown head and in front of the Martell's store. When you are this near, you're guaranteed a good view of everything from the mosh pit....but good luck trying to get out once in. It's a mob of people behind you, so only people with a lot of concert experience will have any luck getting to the back.

This year, however, I get to bypass the line and just watch the festivities from the inside. You get to see the band doing their warm up checks, technicians setting up the equipment S and T use, Monkey Boy the producer making sure everything is in perfect working order, and the interns setting up all the free grab bags the listeners get as they walk in.

At about 5:30, the boys arrive and walk the line. Every year, the line gets longer, and this year, it was estimated that 5,000 people where there to see Kris Allen and the other lead band perform. Once the line is walked, the crowd gets to wait another half hour, and are ushered in around showtime at 5:50...the energy in the room is electrifying by this point.

The boys do their thing for the first few breaks, the first act goes on at around 6:40, the second act around 7:30, and then the man himself Joe Nolan kicks off the Summer with Bruce Springsteen in the background at 8. Finally, the main act comes on and rocks the joint out till showtime ends at 10AM. Everybody files out, and makes plans for next year, which comes faster than you might think! If you have not attended one before, it's time to start...you won't regret it!

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