Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Weird and the Wild: Youtube Edition


There can only be one reaction to having a Superman Musical. What the hell where they smoking when they thought this up?

Near as I can tell, the main villain is Dr.Sedgewick. He wants to destroy Superman, rule the world, and blow up Sweden. Why, you may ask? Because he's been turned down 12 times for the nobel prize. Along the way, he meets a reporter who works at the Daily Planet....someone who also hates Superman. Seems Superman is stealing the attention of Lois lane away from him and giving her all the scoops! Along the way, these two villains meet up, have an incredibly fruity dance sequence that has to be watched to be believed, and commence with their plan.

The Dr. has his university dedicate, get this....a laundromat in Superman's name. While at the same time, his henchman blow up city hall with.....one giant bowling bowl of a bomb. The Dr. gets the crowd to turn against superman, blaming him for basking in the crowds adulation, rather than going of to save city hall. This, apparently, drives superman into a depression, even more so after that doc discovers his secret identity using a super computer. After the evil doctor tries to 'help' superman with a free psychosis session, Supes decides to end it all because nothing makes sense anymore and the people of Metropolis have turned against him.

So, rather than stabbing himself with some kryptonite, he ties a giant anchor to his person and throws himself off a bridge. Naturally, he survives. What turns him around? Two hippy kids explain that they love him because he's a freaky alien and point out that all the great people in history where a little freaky themselves! So after the two hemp brothers boost superman's ego, off and away he goes to save the day. Lois, meanwhile, has been caught by the evil duo, who then turn on each other, with the 3 henchman they hired coming out on top. After a rediculous battle where superman sings as he fights, Lois is saved, and the bad guys get blown into the air from their own explosive device.

how does this masterpeice theater end? The explosion and landing erased the 'bad memories' of the men and turned them good! The evil reporter is now a saint, and the scientist works as the 'scientific advisor' for the Daily planet.

For all of you hoping that Spiderman musical actually DOES see the light of day sometime this decade, just know that it could be as bad as Superman:The Musical!

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