Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ghostbusters: Mattel Ghost Trap

Retails for $130 and hits the web in October. Will be picking one of these up..

Check out my attempts to play Back To The Future : The Game, Part 1 !
Will have some free time to create the other episodes later next week.

And, with the announcement of Beavis and Butt-Head returning to TV, Look for their one and only PC game 'Virtual Idiots' coming soon.

Thundercats : San D Panel!

Trying to get back into the blog updating game here folks...This panel is brought to you by GameSpot. Such a shame that LA/CA gets all the cool stuff, and hardly any of it makes it's way to the NY side. Oh well..one of these days they'll invent transporters and I'll get to go again :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everything you've Ever wanted to know about...Thundercats!

Using Logic to fill in some Cartoon Plot Holes. Lets take a look at the Resurgence of Thundera, Shall we?

As we all know, in the first Episode, Thundera Exploded, and the Thundercats escaped to Third Earth. However, later in the series, Thundera reforms. How is this possible?

We find out through Mumm-Ra, that the reason Thundera exploded, was due to a magical sword, named The Sword of Plundar. It's power was pure evil, and to contain that evil, Jaga through it into a magma pit and it settled into the core of the planet. However, in trying to escape it's prison, the Sword shook Thundera apart, and the planet eventually exploded.

When Mumm-Ra learned of it's existence, he traveled through time and space, to the wreckage of the planet. Using the Power of the Moons of Plunder, and his evil magic, he used the gravitational forces of the moon to pull Thundera back together, and his magic to give it a second life. Thus, on 'New Thundera', the planet took on some of the characteristics of the Moon's of Plundar. Dark Jungles, Frozen Tundra's..and the like. Once the planet was reformed, the sword was located, and Mumm-Ra retrieved it.

Tune in again next time for another 'Everything you've Ever wanted to know about...Thundercats'! And be sure to watch the New Thundercats series July 29th on Cartoon Network!