Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey folks..

A few blog related posts for anyone that might be bothering to read :).

First up, our proton pack costume is nearly complete. All in All, it cost about $700 to build, and only has a few odds and ends left to make it look good and functional.

The Pack shell is from Alkaline, and cost around $250's. The gun body is from MultiMediaMayhem.net and cost around $180. The Gun lights are from Jupiter Electronics and cost around $140. The other costs are the dressings for the pack and make up the rest of the difference. The Motherboard comes from MMM and costs around $60's. The Ion Arm, Resistors, Injector Rods, Filter Tubes, hoses, all came from MMM and cost around $90's total. The Bumper on order comes from Nickatron and cost around $100 if memory serves. And the brand NEW Alice Pack came from GB Fans for $30's. We started building this thing around July....and will have it finished around Halloween.

The Trap, on the other hand, was all delivered in one kit, and costs close to $200 not including lights and servo to open the doors. All in all, you need something to do when at work :).

Next up, check out the Scott and Todd Clearview Commercial Preview. Best 6 hours I've ever spent....For those who follow the show, you won't need explination on who is who...but I Think the best moment was when Todd practically jump attacked monk while filming in the theater, and pushed him two rows back trying to 'attack' him.

Last up on the WPLJ side...check out the video from the golf tournament. This is my second favorite day of the year.. I nearly got killed once by Monk with one of those new Boomerang Golf Balls that once you hit, they come back to you..I also nearly got killed in my uncovered golf cart while trying to race across the greens....in my defense, I THOUGHT no one was playing on this one as I crossed it, but considering how bad those folks golf, it doesn't make a difference ;o).

Finally, take a look at the newest of our video game walk throughs...Beavis and Butt-head, Virtual Stupidity. I still remember playing this game when it came out.....and still remember getting Muppets Inside from the store. Needless to say these games made a fun impression!

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