Tuesday, April 24, 2012

R2D2 Current Status

R2D2's head is almost done, just missing a radar eye!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

R2D2 Lifesize

Well, we've made some progress since this video was taken. Here is the short round up for anyone still reading.....

Dome: 300 MM Aluminum dome. Cost: $520
Lights: Paul Murphy TeeCee V3 Cost: $140
Holo Projectors Aluminum : Bob C Cost: $336
Eventual Radar Eye Aluminum AstroSpares Cost: $125

All you need to build a movie accurate dome is your basic electric drill, Step Drill bits, flat head screws, a tiny hand saw for cutting off the dome tabs, and a dremel. All household items that are also found at sears hardware. As for paint, I've used Rustolem White Primer, Purple, Blue, and Clear Enamel. They go on in that order after a ten minute dry wait on each.

For the lights, you need a soldering iron, the thinnest piece of solder and soldering tip you can find, and a pair of holding hands that you attach the board too. The lights take about 6 hours of on and off soldering, so patience is a virtue...but once they work, it's well rewarded.

Once the Radar Eye comes in, the head will be done, and it'll be on to the body. I've got a Com8B All metal frame. Skins are from John Sherrel (I think was his name) from the R2 Yahoo Group that cost about $225's. I have the Power Couplers, Coin Slot, and Octogon Ports already. Still waiting on Side Vents, Large Data Port and Front Vents to ship. Hope to eventually score Utility Arms, Coin Return, and Deep Pocket Vents to complete the Body...and then it's onto the legs :)

Enjoy, and happy building!

Monday, January 30, 2012

New video game review

Check out Road Runners Death Valley Ralley.. Not as hard as some people think..but there is ALMOST no way you can beat it with the required 2 lives. I am 15 years out of practice, and my reflexes are a bit slower...but even I couldn't beat it without loosing at least 9 lives.....thank god for the 79 life trick!

This is a fun game well worth checking out if you can.... hope it eventually makes it to the Wii Virtual Console. Coming up Next: Ren and Stimpy's Veediot.

Finally, I have officially gone insane...and broke at the same time! I am building a life sized, studio accurate, and fully remote controlled R2 Unit. Details and pictures to come..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Post...

Proton Pack Construction Blog

Ninja Turtles Master Mistake and Background Character Voice List - Season 1 part 2

An attempt to create a new web series. Sledge HammeR Smash Arena. I'm looking to try and get a host, and a real smasher for it, so hopefully part 2 will look more interesting..

Holla at me and don't be afraid to get some discussion going!