Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rob Paulsen Voice over Seminar!

Howdy All,

On December 3rd, I got the chance to meet the one and only Rob Paulsen at a voice over seminar in New York. For those who don't know, look him up on IMDB and relive your child hood :).

The Seminar was about 4 hours....and contained voice acting lessons, a history of how Rob got into the business, and a Q and A session afterwords.

I have to say that Rob is one of the nicest and most sincere people in the biz. He was more than happy to record a gazillion messages as Pinky on People's phones afterwords...and he made sure they came out right, if not, he did it again with no complaints!

If you ever get a chance to see him Live, There is No Try...DO!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

5 months and $900's later, we are finally done. Now it's only a matter of getting the uniform ready for next halloween.

Happy thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey folks..

A few blog related posts for anyone that might be bothering to read :).

First up, our proton pack costume is nearly complete. All in All, it cost about $700 to build, and only has a few odds and ends left to make it look good and functional.

The Pack shell is from Alkaline, and cost around $250's. The gun body is from MultiMediaMayhem.net and cost around $180. The Gun lights are from Jupiter Electronics and cost around $140. The other costs are the dressings for the pack and make up the rest of the difference. The Motherboard comes from MMM and costs around $60's. The Ion Arm, Resistors, Injector Rods, Filter Tubes, hoses, all came from MMM and cost around $90's total. The Bumper on order comes from Nickatron and cost around $100 if memory serves. And the brand NEW Alice Pack came from GB Fans for $30's. We started building this thing around July....and will have it finished around Halloween.

The Trap, on the other hand, was all delivered in one kit, and costs close to $200 not including lights and servo to open the doors. All in all, you need something to do when at work :).

Next up, check out the Scott and Todd Clearview Commercial Preview. Best 6 hours I've ever spent....For those who follow the show, you won't need explination on who is who...but I Think the best moment was when Todd practically jump attacked monk while filming in the theater, and pushed him two rows back trying to 'attack' him.

Last up on the WPLJ side...check out the video from the golf tournament. This is my second favorite day of the year.. I nearly got killed once by Monk with one of those new Boomerang Golf Balls that once you hit, they come back to you..I also nearly got killed in my uncovered golf cart while trying to race across the greens....in my defense, I THOUGHT no one was playing on this one as I crossed it, but considering how bad those folks golf, it doesn't make a difference ;o).

Finally, take a look at the newest of our video game walk throughs...Beavis and Butt-head, Virtual Stupidity. I still remember playing this game when it came out.....and still remember getting Muppets Inside from the store. Needless to say these games made a fun impression!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ghostbusters: Mattel Ghost Trap

Retails for $130 and hits the web in October. Will be picking one of these up..

Check out my attempts to play Back To The Future : The Game, Part 1 !
Will have some free time to create the other episodes later next week.

And, with the announcement of Beavis and Butt-Head returning to TV, Look for their one and only PC game 'Virtual Idiots' coming soon.

Thundercats : San D Panel!

Trying to get back into the blog updating game here folks...This panel is brought to you by GameSpot. Such a shame that LA/CA gets all the cool stuff, and hardly any of it makes it's way to the NY side. Oh well..one of these days they'll invent transporters and I'll get to go again :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everything you've Ever wanted to know about...Thundercats!

Using Logic to fill in some Cartoon Plot Holes. Lets take a look at the Resurgence of Thundera, Shall we?

As we all know, in the first Episode, Thundera Exploded, and the Thundercats escaped to Third Earth. However, later in the series, Thundera reforms. How is this possible?

We find out through Mumm-Ra, that the reason Thundera exploded, was due to a magical sword, named The Sword of Plundar. It's power was pure evil, and to contain that evil, Jaga through it into a magma pit and it settled into the core of the planet. However, in trying to escape it's prison, the Sword shook Thundera apart, and the planet eventually exploded.

When Mumm-Ra learned of it's existence, he traveled through time and space, to the wreckage of the planet. Using the Power of the Moons of Plunder, and his evil magic, he used the gravitational forces of the moon to pull Thundera back together, and his magic to give it a second life. Thus, on 'New Thundera', the planet took on some of the characteristics of the Moon's of Plundar. Dark Jungles, Frozen Tundra's..and the like. Once the planet was reformed, the sword was located, and Mumm-Ra retrieved it.

Tune in again next time for another 'Everything you've Ever wanted to know about...Thundercats'! And be sure to watch the New Thundercats series July 29th on Cartoon Network!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ninja Turtles inCGI!


The Mission: Complete an entire 22 minutes of episode, and recreate the entire thing in CGI. The TimeFrame: One year, completed in time for Nicks new CGI Turtle Show next year..

Follow the development over at Vimeo and Flickr!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


In an effort to try and find a job that I might be good at, I got into the world of CGI. And in this case, I use that term loosely. I started with 3DMax 2.5 ten years ago, wound up on animation master 5 years ago, and now, I'm using a program called XSI SoftImage. The best of all of them in ease of use, and work flow capability as far as I'm concerned...

Unfortunately, I am all self taught. SoftImage is not the most popular of the 3D programs, so schools that teach it's more advanced features are limited... About all I've managed to learn so far, is represented in the file above..

Saturday, February 26, 2011


How many of you where in my spot?

I grew up in Paramus, NJ. There, I was the worlds biggest He-Man Fan. I had every toy under the sun. And like everyone else, I soon followed into the next fad that came our way. First it was Thundercats, then Real Ghostbusters. and Finally, Ninja Turtles.

He-Man has come and Gone with a Revival that was doomed due to poor planning and support. Ninja Turtles, on the other hand, had a great Revival, with lots of support, and was almost as successful as the first series...Now, in 2011, it seems that it is Thundercats turn.

The new trailer was un-officially posted online by fans yesterday... Here's what we can gleam from it.

Jaga's design is revealed. He almost looks like the old wizard from the first Lord of the Rings Movie. His spiked hat is present, and it looks like the hat goes on to his fellow soldiers as well.

Grune: Surprisingly, Grune seems to be in this series from the start. His episode, 'The Ghost Warrior', was one of my favorites..Not only is it a fun episode, but it also establishes that when the need arises, the other Thundercats can notice the ghost form of Jaga. That always bothered me, because I thought it made Lion-O look a little psycho..talking to thin air and all from others POV.

Lizard Men: We get our first peak at Slythz's race of Mutants. Appearing to be dragging a huge object which Grune is standing on.

The Cats Lair: Because the Tower of Omens was the first toy released, it was speculated that it was the only fortress we'd be seeing. In the original show, the Tower was constructed second as a warning out post. But if you look closely, you can clearly see the Classic Cats Lair surrounded by a smaller series of buildings, looking pretty much the same as it did 20 years ago.

Mumm-Ra: Thankfully, the only thing that seems to have changed with him, is he now has bigger for arms, and his chest insignia has changed a little.

What else can we glean from this trailer? My thoughts. At least the Pilot episode takes place on a Thriving Thundera. Claudis is alive and well, as is Jaga and Grune. Lion-O appears to be in training for the title of 'Lord of the Thundercats.
The most obvious plot line here, might involve Grune being slighted, and somehow destroying Thundera, killing all but the Thundercat nobles, who of course escape to Third Earth...

Current premier date is now rumored to be July 2011...more news as we hear it..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mom's Gone Wild

Got up at 4:00, out the door by 5, there by 6:30....lost $5's, and gained $17. Thus summarizes my trip to Atlantic City....

This time around was much more fun because we had the slots to fill up parts in the show where the mother's had not arrived yet. And everyone loves a winner!