Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Mission and History

In 2006, I had an idea. When a local radio station mentioned they where having problems getting video online, I knew that with my computer skills and software/hardware, I could fill that job position far better than any intern, and do it far faster as well. So, we started covering their events. First the Iron Elmo Triathalon, then others. 4 years later, we are friends with everyone at the station, and have gained years experience shooting live on air events.

With that little venture completed, it's now time to see if we can expand it to other companies and venues. What we bring to the table:

A Sony XR520V Full HD Camcorder
News Quality Microphone
3 years experience shooting radio media events
An interviewer experienced at making people look good while on camera.

If say Regis and Kelly wanted to start doing a behind the scenes blog to help promote a guest or segment, we'd come in, film it, edit it on the spot, and have it on youtube, or raw footage in your producers hand ready to go. We usually have an idea of how things are to be edited, but if you have your own vision and materials, we will use those instead. IF you had a cast signing that you wanted to cover for your website, We'd be glad to cover it and interview the stars and fans while there. If you have a new broadway stage show like 'Stuffed and Unstrung', we'll cover a few plays worth so you can have a copy for your company archive.

You'll also get a copy of all raw material shot on a data disc, the edited project file done in Vegas Pro, and a Blu-Ray copy of the finished project as well.

We work for cheap, or free...but would obviously prefer a pay check in this day and age :) So if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at neilt1978@gmail.com with any questions

Hope to work with you!
Neil Vitale

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