Saturday, April 24, 2010

The PLJ Casting Call -Next Big Radio Star Search

The first Casting Call to replace Brad Blanks has come and gone. If you missed the fun, here is a bit of a run down.

Amazingly enough, people started lining up at the mall gates around 1AM. Naturally, security had to turn them away, but there is no doubt they came right back as soon as they where able. At 7:30, 50 people had lined up, and where put on air with Scott and Todd for a brief second....it was announced that 800 people had downloaded the application form. All told, about 100 people where heard and seen as promised.
Here is a bit of a quick run down of my favorites....

John from NJ. The most unique sounding voice for radio at the auditions. He sounded like Joe Pesci on Helium!

This guy is either a chef, or a musician...we are not quite sure!

This lady wants to bring more Ovaries too the show and less Testosterone

This guy got hosed on Beauty and the Geek, but he isn't quite sure what HOSED even means!

This Guy wants too bring a NY/NJ Attitude to the show....

These Two somehow crashed the auditions. We are not sure ohw they got past security..

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