Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peoples Corner: New York Comic Con

In order to get a more interactive element going here at Packing Protons, here is a new topic.

This year, New York Comic Con and New York Anime Festival merged into one gigantic convention held at New York City's Jacob Javitz Center.
From what I've been hearing, reviews about staff, and organization have not been good. Most people are starting to think that it will become way too huge and loose it's small, fun factor and become more like the San Diego Comic Convention which gets easily 50,000 people per year in attendance.

So, share you stories about the experience this year, and let the folks at REED know what you think of their latest move. I for one, did not attend either this year, as I felt there was nothing worth going into the city for a day to see...so I can't comment :)..

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